Flying through the Himalayas!

It was an early start for our flight to Phaplu this morning, to take off at 8.30am, so we are all feeling it, but looking forward to the journey ahead and a day spent exploring local villages.

The internal flight takes 30 minutes and we will be flying parallel to the Himalayas, so will get a great view from the plane windows. I’m sure we will have some photos to share with you all later.

The camp is now set up in Phaplu ready for our arrival so that’s good to know that we will have somewhere to sleep tonight, albeit in a tent!!!

When we get to Phaplu we will spend the day around the local area and plan to trek for about two hours around the local villages taking in the sights and culture, which will be a lot different than we have been used to in Kathmandu.

This is what we came here for so the early morning and trek around the villages will be met by a relaxing evening around the camp fire, ready for another early start when we embark on the two day trek to the school.

Last updated: Tuesday 27 October 2015

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Bags packed for the flight to PhapluCadet and leaders on the planePlane before take off to Phaplu


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