Almost time to come home!

Cadets in NepalIt's nearly over and we really can't believe it...for all the things people told us we were just not prepared for how life changing this was going to be! Whilst we were all excited and relieved to be back at the hotel it has further strengthened how lucky we are in the western world having experienced first hand those who really do struggle but what little they have they are willing to give and they are so happy for what we have brought to them!

We have further been amazed and are still in awe having seen up close the Himalayas and Everest itself on the mountain flight! We have bought presents some for lived ones at home and most to spoil ourselves having just achieved so much! Our meal tonight was in the stupa view restaurant with views we will never forget of the bouda stupa and we have shared all of our highlights and what we have learnt.  We are looking forward to visiting the fire station tomorrow but not so much having to leave!

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Last updated: Tuesday 07 November 2017

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Cadets in Nepal


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