Arrived safely in Phaplu - ready to trek!

Tents that we are staying in in PhapluWe’ve arrived at Phaplu Airport which has a very small runway. It’s the one used by people coming to Nepal to climb Everest so it’s quite busy and full of Sherpa’s and hikers.

Our camp is made up of lots of little tents, which the Sherpa’s had already put up for us. We are just getting used to the conditions here and we’ve had a short walk using our walking poles. These will come in very handy as the terrain underfoot isn’t the best. There are paths but nothing like what we have at home…..these are full of rocks and pot holes! The views from our camp though are truly amazing.

We’ve met our team of Sherpas. They all have various jobs, some look after the donkeys that carry the equipment, some are cooks and others put the tents up and do various other tasks. We will be a big group when we do start walking as there are loads of us!!!

Part of our day in Phaplu involved doing some warm up exercises after breakfast, we had a short walk to get used to our walking poles and acclimatise ourselves.

Afterwards we came back to camp for lunch and ate tomato pasta, cheese and chips which were cooked especially for us by the cooks. We then went for an even bigger walk and reached 2800 metres. More fabulous views were seen but this walk was certainly a lot tougher than the morning one.

Finally we came back to camp again and were able to relax with our tea and biscuits.

Dawa says its spaghetti bolognese for tea with green beans, potatoes and cauliflower which we are looking forward to as we are really hungry from our walks today.

Early night tonight for us, ready for our big trek tomorrow...but not before we have seen the stars come out. They are truly amazing here.

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Last updated: Wednesday 25 October 2017

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Tents that we are staying in in Phaplu


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