At Manchester Airport - all set to fly to Nepal

Cadets at Manchester Airport
We all arrived in good time at Manchester Airport ready for our flight with Ethiad Airways at 8.10pm.

Although a little excited we were also a little upset to be leaving our family and friends for 16 days.

Tyler Bates from Congleton was first to arrive at the airport with her dad Doug (see photo below). Tyler was worried briefly as she couldn’t see anyone in one our special red Nepal t-shirts. Her worry was short lived as everyone was closely following behind her with their cases and backpacks.

Cheshire Fire Cadet, Tyler Bates, and her Dad

Dr Jason Van Der Velde was last to arrive. He had a flight to catch from Cork to Manchester and it was delayed. He got there in the nick of time and joined us in departures with his various bags of medical equipment. None of us really want to see Dr Jason for the rest of the trip!!

Meeting our two cadet colleagues from London Fire Brigade (see photo below) and their two leaders for the first time was lovely as we’d heard so much about them. I’m sure we will all get along well as we have being a fire cadet in common.

London Fire Cadets

Our mascot Trekking Ted (see photo below) met London’s Bernie the Bear for the first time too and they instantly became friends.  I’m sure they will cause the most trouble and get into all sorts of mischief, as bears do.

Trekking Ted

Our first leg of the journey is to fly to Abu Dhabi where we will have two hours to wait at the airport until our connecting flight to Kathmandu
On the plane heading to Nepal

More about the Nepal School Project 2017

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Nepal School Project 2017

Last updated: Monday 23 October 2017

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Cadets at Manchester AirportCadets all set for the trip to NepalCheshire Fire Cadet, Tyler Bates, and her DadLondon Fire CadetsOn the plane heading to NepalTrekking Ted


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