Hard work but it will be worth it!

IMural being paintedt’s such hard work to get the school ready for the hand over and we have been sweeping, cleaning and doing general tidying and DIY. The school already looks a lot better for it!

We have nearly finished our mural which has been painted on the side of the school and we are all really pleased with how it looks. All our hand prints are on it in paint to serve as a reminder of our time in Kangel. The grounds have been cleared and we have now begun levelling off the floor outside the classrooms. We’ve also filled a drainage system with pebbles.

Work is hard and the Nepalese tradespeople are still working around us, trying to get everything done in time, but we are all in very high spirits currently. It’s such an amazing place that it’s hard not have a constant smile on your face. It’s so lovely that a few of us want to stay here forever…although we’d probably miss fast food and our home comforts eventually! New school

On our way down to camp the villagers had us dancing again and celebrating with them!  They really have made us feel so welcome that we will be sad to leave. Anyway it’s back to the hard work again tomorrow to give it one final push before opening day.

The villagers also showed us their arts and crafts and what kind of food and drink they have to help us understand their way of life. We also learnt how to play volleyball with them…although some of us were better than others.

Tomorrow is the big opening day celebration and we can’t wait!

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Last updated: Tuesday 31 October 2017

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