We're in high spirits after arriving in Kangel

TrekkingThis morning we woke all refreshed due to us having to sleep in the tea house because of the rain. Once we’d had breakfast it was time to visit a local school. The children were really friendly and very engaging. The school was definitely not what we expected and we were shocked at how clever the children in the nursery class were. They were doing times tables!

From there we walked through the village onto the main trail. Three hours in and we were met by a group of villagers armed with garlands to walk us into the village where we were met at our school by all of the villagers and school children, who Fire cadetscovered us in garlands and flowers. They gave speeches and danced to show us how happy they were to have us in their village which was lovely.

The school looks amazing with our classrooms added and we all felt really proud to be able to help with the build.

We have had a great afternoon singing and dancing with the children at our camp and we cannot wait till tomorrow! High spirits all round!

Last updated: Monday 30 October 2017

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