Trekking to Bhote Kharak - plenty of food and amazing views!

One plane took off but the other was delayed due to bad weather...but we are all reunited now after the stranded group got a helicopter to Phaplu.

We had cereal, omelettes and pancakes for breakfast, cooked by the Sherpas so we had plenty of energy for the day.

Trekking from Phaplu to the village of Bhote Kharka we head up The Ridge which is over 3,200 metres. We certainly needed our walking sticks here to stop us from slipping and falling over, but the scenery up there was amazing.

Then we headed back down the other side and stopped for lunch which was noodle soup, Tibetan bread, potatoes, yak cheese, beans and veg. Our view while eating lunch was the Rhododendron forest!

Watching the mules, that carry our supplies, graze has become a favourite pastime of ours in the evening. They are curiously entertaining.

We are now safely tucked up at camp and have been practicing our dancing ready for the classroom handover ceremony in Kangel.

Last updated: Monday 30 October 2017

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