Week 4 - Community Project here we come!

Hey, its Tasha here from Winsford Prince’s Trust Team 27, I’m taking over from Jade and Ashleigh for the time being, as they are attending an induction week which will hopefully get them a job. We all have our fingers crossed for them.

First Aid training

As Monday came we arrived at the team room to start our first aid qualification which our Team Leader Jason delivered. During the day we learned about DRSABCD which stands for danger, response, send for help, airway, breathing, CPR, defibrillation. We also met Annie, who was our ‘victim’ for our practical session in which we did chest compressions and rescue breathe on the model.

We then went on to put each other in the rescue position, which had is in fits of laughter as we were literally rolling about on the floor! We also got to learn how to deal with a choking casualty and we capped the day off looking at different types of bleeds, and how to apply first aid to them. A really good day with lots of fun thrown in.

New Images

Tuesday was all about planning for the Community Project at New Images Youth Club on Nixon Drive, Winsford. I was elected as Foreperson, which I was initially anxious about. I believe this will help me build both my confidence and my skills as a Leader.

Once everyone was elected into their roles it was time to size up the place and make a shopping list for the equipment we would need. Chris and Jason are our finance advisors who kept a keen eye on our spending. We shopped at B&Q in Northwich and were very grateful of the donation the store made to help cover some of our costs.

Ready to paint

On Wednesday we began to paint our project. The morning was quiet as I think everyone needed their daily caffeine before the hard work began. We broke down into small teams of three or four and each team picked a wall to paint. I was extremely happy to see everyone get their first coat of paint on by lunch, not just on themselves but the walls too!

We unfortunately underestimated the paint to wall ratio, but not to worry, by Monday we will have more paint to apply, this time hopefully only to the walls!

Fundraising ideas

As we get through the week everyone perks up and Jason was on the ball with our 1-2-1’s early that morning while Jennie helped us come up with some ‘out of the box’ fundraising idea’s. We visited Crewe in the afternoon to pick up some supplies for the project, as the local shops were out of stock.

Bowling trip to end the week

We were due to visit Liverpool Maritime Museum on Friday for a few workshops on drugs, alcohol and firearms but due to a staff member becoming ill at the Museum we had to reschedule, which left us feeling a little deflated, as we were looking forward to a visit to Liverpool.

However to keep the spirits up we ended the week on a high as we went bowling in Widnes. This saw Jordan come out on top with a whopping score of 148, he did have the bumpers up though ha.

Next week we are back on Community Project and if we can keep up the same level of commitment we should get the job done.

Bye for now, Tasha x.

Last updated: Tuesday 21 July 2015

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