Week 1 - getting to know the rest of the team

Hi, it’s Jade and Ashleigh here. We are going to be blogging for the next 12 weeks while we are on the Winsford Prince’s Trust Team programme.

Between us we will be telling you what it’s like to be on the course and each week we will be giving you the highs and lows as we get through the next three months.

Introduction to the team on day one!

It was 9am on a Monday morning and we were sat in a room at Winsford Community Centre for day one of the programme with 13 total strangers. As you can imagine there was a lot of tension and everyone was really nervous. No one knew what to expect!

Our team leaders are Jason McTigue and Jennie Pye and they told us about the programme and what we would be doing. The residential trip to Wales sounded very interesting as the conversation turned to what previous groups have got involved in. Some of these activities are sure to take us out of our comfort zone.

Team-building at its best

Building a structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti on Monday was harder to do that we thought!!

Getting kitted out

We visited Chester Fire Station to collect our Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service t-shirts on Tuesday which we will wear at public events throughout the programme.

People are all different

We all have different personalities and characteristics and these have begun to show already and it’s only Wednesday. The so called ‘shy and quiet’ team members have found their voices and the team room has now become a loud and interactive place.

Although there is a lot of hands on work, we also have to keep a log book. The log book records activities and achievements throughout the week and even though there is written work to be done, to be honest it’s overshadowed by the practical activities and you don’t realise the amount of writing you are doing because you work on it throughout the week.

Pizza anyone?

On Thursday we worked towards completing our Food and Hygiene Level 1 Certificate at Winsford Fire Station. As a team we all made a pizza from scratch....which we got to eat...and they tasted great.

We also completed a written assessment and we will get our results in about two week’s time.

Residential trip to Wales

Next week we are off to Wales for a four day residential so on Friday we discussed what we would be doing.

This week has been an interesting experience as we have had to adapt to each other’s behaviour. It’s fair to say we are all different and bring different values and outlooks to the Team, which at times can be quite challenging but also rewarding.

We are off to pack now for our Wales trip, but don’t worry; we will be writing a diary to keep you updated of our adventures.

Last updated: Friday 03 October 2014

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