Week 11 - Challenges and Christmas parties

Another week has been and gone and so much has been happening with the team.

A couple of members have got jobs, which is fantastic news!!!! I don’t know about anyone else, but this puts me in the job hunting mood.

Also with the boys picking out their black tie suits last week, the girls have got a chance to do a bit of shopping of our own...not that we needed an excuse! We all want to look our best for the up and coming graduation evening.

Final Team Challenge

On Monday we facilitated a Christmas Party at Overdene Care Home. This was our chosen final team challenge where we got to give back to a particular group within our Community. We all donned Christmas hats and tinsel to try and get the residents in the festive spirit.

Speech Prep sorted!

This week was all about our personal speeches; nerves were running high with our presentation literally round the corner, on Tuesday next week to be exact. But with the guidance from leaders Jenny and Jason we have all produced great speeches that should go down a treat. We have all worked hard to produce the final outcome, although I think we will be very nervous reading the speeches to all the guests, which include our families and the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire apparently.

Feeling the Christmas spirit

On Thursday we did get a nice break from working to take some of the residents out from Overdene Care Home for a lovely meal at the Wharton Park in Winsford. Everybody was looking forward to it and the outing itself was lovely. I think the residents enjoyed themselves just as much as we did which was great. I think everyone was feeling the Christmas pounds sneaking on by the end of the day!

Never too soon to reflect!

It’s amazing that there’s only a week left before the course is over. That means only one more blog from me! These 12 weeks really have flown by, but although some may be dreaming of the lay in, I imagine everybody will think back and miss the time we have had together.

Everybody’s been very supportive to each other throughout the course and we are a close team.  It’s mad to think about leaving it all behind, but we feel we are now ready to face life with a better perspective. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.

Last updated: Tuesday 21 July 2015

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Christmas Party at Overdene Care HomeThe team and residents from the Overdene Care Home at the Wharton Park in WinsfordThe team and residents from the Overdene Care Home at the Wharton Park in Winsford


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