Week 12 - Last Seven days of the Prince's Trust programme

Last seven days together !

On Monday, in the last week of the programme, we mainly focused on getting our log books finished -  but there was also the dreaded graduation speech to perform (just a day away !!!).  We all made sure our speeches were ready, and we kept adding odd little final bits.

Then we rehearsed in front of the group. We all supported each other. We managed to get through it ! So we felt better about having to perform it in front of family, friends and dignitaries.

Conquering Fears

On the day of the presentation, Jenny and Jason came to pick us up, to take us to Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield, which is where the graduation was taking place. On the journey there was a lot of nerves and excitement with everyone talking about what they were expecting.

We had a quick run through and we were told what we needed to do and where to stand.  Then we got changed into something a bit more fitting for the venue, which was decorated for Christmas and looked beautiful.  The team all looked amazing with the lads in their black tie suits and the girls in their dresses. 

All the guests started turning up and there was a lovely little buffet table, which everyone helped them self to. At around 12:45 we were getting ready to start. Everyone was seated and we were waiting to walk in - once the door was open it was too late to look back. The nerves were evident on everyone’s face as we were announced in, but I would just like to say it was AMAZING!!

Everybody completed their speeches; we helped each other get through where it was needed. Many had personal information in which people wanted to get off their chest so it was quite emotional. The pride was evident radiating off everyone after we got our certificates.

It was certainly one of those days that we will never forget. We laughed and we cried that day, but Winsford Team 27 shared the experience together!!

To Finish Off

We spent the last day completing our log books. It’s quite unreal to see the amount of work we have put into them and a few team members said this is the most writing they have done in ages. It felt both relieving and sad shutting these log books for the final time. We were glad that we had finished them because there is no more writing to do, but sad as it sort of confirmed the course was almost over.

I can’t imagine not being around my team mates in the New Year. We have had so many laughs over the last three months and I’m not going to say it’s all been plain sailing, because it hasn’t. I think it’s fair to say we have had our fair share of disagreements, but as a team, we got over them and completed whatever it was we set out to do.

This experience has certainly helped each and every one of us and I would urge anyone who fits the criteria to join next team, which starts on 2nd Februrary, and give it a go, as you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you have enjoyed our blogs so finally on behalf of Winsford Prince’s Trust Team 27 we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tasha x

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Last updated: Tuesday 28 July 2015

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