Week 3 - learning about the big wide world

Hey, it’s Jade.

So this week seems to have gone in the blink of an eye!

Monday morning came around and quite a few of us were still tired from the week before. It probably didn’t help that we were working on log books on the Monday morning discussing team roles and how each team member fits into a group. We used something called the Belbin theory which finds everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. This will come in very handy for the community project to find a role for everyone!!

Back to school - well, college!

The team visited Mid Cheshire College on Tuesday to do their initial assessments and collect their student cards......I had to miss this activity as I was attending a job interview. I have my fingers crossed that I get the job but don’t worry if I do because another member has already volunteered to take over this blog.

Winsford Youth Service and Morrisons Bag Packing

On Wednesday we met Jill from the Winsford Youth Service who came in to talk to us about drugs, alcohol and sexual health and relationships. This proved to be an interesting session with a few eye openers about what chemicals are used in the creation of products such as cigarettes.

Thursday was an interesting day as we were at Morrisions bag packing. We were there from 10am till 3pm and raised £320 which will be used on the community project, due to start next week on the 20th. The bag packing wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea as there were mixed reactions to the day, but everyone helped because we knew how important it was to raise as much money as possible.


Friday was an important day as we sat our health and safety Level 1. We were joined by the Macclesfield team who we went on residential with. Everyone was happy to see each other again as a few of us had created strong friendships with some of the group. The session was run by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and it was a fun session....which also included a bit of singing!!!

As I mentioned earlier about attending an interview, I felt that the progress I have made on The Prince's Trust programme has helped to increase my chances of success. Within the past few weeks Team Leaders Jenny and Jason have helped to boost my confidence. I’ve learnt skills such as leadership and communication which I previously thought weren’t my strong points. These skills have made me feel a lot more confident within myself, and have allowed me to help others discover their hidden skills too.

Watch out for next week’s blog to find out if another member will be taking over or not! Wish me luck!!

Last updated: Friday 17 October 2014

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