Week 5 - Rummaging in Liverpool

Hiya, it’s Tasha,

This week we have focused on getting the youth centre completed. We have also been separated in to two teams to make sure we get the work done in good time.

One team becomes two

Monday was our first day as two separate teams and it was unusually quiet once everyone had arrived. As we had got the paint the week before, Team One began to apply the second coat to the lower walls and everyone got stuck in, those who weren’t painting were using their skills and patience to fill in the cracks which the roller couldn’t get into.

Team Two started to put the first coat on the upper wall.  Everyone knew exactly what they were doing and just got on with it. Nathan and David volunteered to apply the second coat where Laura and I followed behind getting into corners and cracks with the paint brush.

Chris and Georgia went on a mission to town to get some WD40 to put on the rollers on the sliding entrance door as it was sticking. Throughout the day Laura and I were faced with ladders and heights which I’m happy to say we overcame.

Painting, drilling and a jigsaw!

We had a break from painting today as we had a new task which was to board up one of the walls. We used different tools including a jigsaw and a drill, with the supervision of Jason.  Jordan and others had a go at cutting the wood out. Everyone had a go at drilling the wood onto the wall, some people were more confident than others but with a bit of support they all did extremely well. 

There are bits and bobs being done at the moment, Nathan and David are helping Jason finish the wall which I believe will be painted over later on. Laura was painting the door frames and the odd wall where the door slides to and was cracking on when she said: “I’m literally watching paint dry” which everyone could agree to!

Chris and Georgia were on another adventure down town to find out the prices of paint and materials needed for next week, and it’s a good job we’re wearing overalls as paint is literally flying on - and off - the walls!

Rummaging at Liverpool Maritime Museum

We’ve also fitted in a visit to the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. We met Joyce who was with us for the morning activity, where she talked about weapon awareness. We learned about the consequences of knives in which we were shown pictures of victims of knife crime and told a true story which was very sad, but we learned from the story that you should never carry a weapon with you as it can be easily be used against you!

The second activity was with Sarah, and it was called ‘rummaging’.  Rummaging is when customs officers search rooms on boats for any concealed items such as drugs. We had to find 30 hidden items hidden within a small room made to look like a bedroom and we did it, in fact we found over 30! I loved it and found the visit fun and educational and I’m sure everyone else would agree!

Next week sees us finish off the project (hopefully!)……….. I’ll be back soon, Tasha

Last updated: Monday 03 November 2014

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