Week 6 - Our project official opening

Hiya it's Tasha,

Project finishing touches

On Monday we finished off our Community Project with just a few little finishing touches. We became a whole group again so everything was being done a lot faster. I was painting the skirting board....because of my steady hand! It was no laughing matter trying not to get gloss paint everywhere.

Tuesday was the last day on the job. We were getting all the little cracks sorted and we even painted the side hall in the time we had left seeing as we got loads quicker as the project went on.  Afterwards we got talking about the opening on Thursday and were told we were going to have to do a speech, which not everyone was looking forward to.

Speech writing made us nervous

We started writing our speeches after the planning day on Wednesday and were told to involve things such as what we found good and interesting and what we had found difficult. Many of us, including me, were really nervous about giving the speech and welcoming the guests, but Jason and Jenny talked us through what to do.

Project opening day and finishing touches

We had a busy but productive day on Thursday morning at the Youth Centre. We had to make sure it was as clean as possible. We set to work and brushed the floors and wiped the tables until they were spotless.

Refreshments for our guests

We put together a tea and coffee area and even got some cakes and biscuits for our guests.

As everyone came in we greeted them and offered refreshments. It was great seeing the Mayoress come and visit our project. The Winsford Guardian photographer also came along and took our photo, so look out for it in next week’s newspaper!


Before our speech we were all really nervous and many of us didn’t want to do ours but we all felt better after a little talk with each other. You’ll be relieved to know that even though none of us had ever read anything like this in public before, we all read our speeches out loud, which we were relieved about and we all felt proud of ourselves for what we had just achieved.

Drive Survive

On Friday we went to the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Winsford and met up with the Ellesmere Port Prince’s Trust team and also Wirral Met College Prince’s Trust who were also taking part in the Think Drive Survive course.

This is a short but very intensive course for young road users. We learnt about the risks that we may take while on the roads and the consequences that those risks can lead to.

We also discussed the risks associated with being a driver, rider, and passenger or pedestrian which was eye opening. We watched videos and photos from real car crashes which really made us think.

We heard from two police officers and fire-fighters and learnt about their experiences going to crashes. We now know what can cause a car to crash and what we need to do to avoid being in a situation like that.

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