Poynton Fire Station

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Poynton is an on-call/part-time fire station. This means that it is staffed by on-call/part-time firefighters. They have other main jobs as well as being firefighters.

On-call/part-time firefighters

Telephone: 01606 868922

Contact Us

or you can ring Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters on: 01606 868700

email: feedback@cheshirefire.gov.uk

Poynton Fire Station - new emergency services' hub

On Monday 13th January 2014 Poynton Fire Station was transformed into a new emergency services' hub - the first of its kind in Cheshire.

Firefighters based at the Station were joined by staff from Cheshire Constabulary and North West Ambulance Service in a bid to create a more efficient service.

Last updated: Tuesday 02 April 2019

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new emergency service’s hub in Poynton
The sign outside the new emergency service’s hub in Poynton