Awards and qualifications

Fire cadets have the opportunity to gain numerous awards and qualifications.  Here is a list of some of the current awards offered to fire cadets:

  • Cadet Firefighter Award

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • First Aid

  • Young Leaders in Action

Cadets Firefighter Award

The Cadet Firefighter Award is the main award young people work towards as a cadet in Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. When a cadet joins, they will complete an initial 12-week induction program learning about their fire station and learning basic skills including running out fire hose.  On completion cadets will be formally enrolled into the cadet program.

After completing the induction course, cadets have the opportunity to learn about many other areas of the fire service.  The award consist of three levels awarding a cadet’s effort, achievement and enthusiasm.  During the programme cadets will learn more advanced firefighting skills including the use of ladders and pumps, with the opportunity to experience breathing apparatus and, amongst many other topics, learn about how the fire service deals with road traffic collisions.

Cadet Duke of Edinburgh Award

All fire cadets in Cheshire have the opportunity to complete their Duke of Edinburgh award in three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Split into four key areas: 

  • skills,

  • volunteering,

  • physical, and

  • expedition.

The work of fire cadets in the community naturally fulfils the volunteering element of the award, whilst learning about the fire service, has the skills element covered.   For the physical section, a cadet must show improvement in a physical activity.  This can be organised at the local fire station or a cadet may already be part of a sports group.  So that just leaves the expedition ...

Every year Cheshire Fire Cadets organises a Duke of Edinburgh expedition for our cadets involving two or more days walking and camping.  This always proves to be one of a fire cadet’s most rewarding and enjoyable experiences with plenty of laughs to be had!

Every cadet will discover themselves on the way to this award and undoubtedly make new friends for life.  Most importantly, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally recognised and can help with future college, university and job applications.

For more information about Cheshire Fire Cadets Duke of Edinburgh programme please contact: or visit (duke of Edinburgh link).

Cadet First Aid Award

All Cheshire fire cadets have the opportunity to undertake a basic first aid course, where they will learn how to deal with cuts, burns and broken bones, amongst other injuries.  In addition, cadets will learn life saving CPR.  Whilst on their fire stations, cadets will also learn about the emergency first aid work carried out by today’s firefighters and have a chance to see the equipment carried on fire appliances.

On completion of the first aid course all cadets receive a certificate and badge for their uniform but, most importantly, now have life saving first aid skills.

For more information about this cadet training programme contact:

Cadet Young Leaders in Action Award

The Young Leaders in Action Award programme provides an exciting opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills alongside other fire cadets from across Cheshire.

The course is run over four days (normally weekends) with a mixture of practical classroom and outdoor-based activities, all with the aim of making the next generation of leaders.

The course covers:

  • Leadership.

  • Team building.

  • Health and safety.

  • Problem solving.

  • Presentation skills.

  • Briefing and debriefing teams.

On completion of the course you will return to your local unit, taking on additional responsibilities to further develop your new skills.  Once completed all cadets are eligible for promotion but, most importantly, have skills and experience useful in all walks of life.

Last updated: Thursday, 6 July 2023