ISO9001 Accreditation

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's Prevention & Protection team and Safety Central is certified under the Quality Standard ISO 9001.  This means that we consistently strive to continually improve our service to those we serve in our communities and our colleagues. 

We do this by using our Quality Management System to:

  • Define the key roles of our staff and their responsibilities. 

  • Focus on the objectives of Cheshire Fire and Rescue to minimise risk to each one of us

  • Be sure our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed so they are “fit for purpose” to meet the changing needs of the businesses, residents and young people of Cheshire, Halton & Warrington. 

  • Identify how we can do things even better

  • Encourage colleagues to regularly review and measure their efforts

This in turn leads to us being more effective and efficient provides our customers with the best “customer” experience we are able to provide.

Last updated: Thursday, 21 September 2023