Biker down

If you were the first on the scene of an accident involving a biker, would you know what to do? Would you know who is most at risk, how to protect the area or whether you should remove the helmet of a downed rider?  Actions taken in the first few moments after an accident can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved.

Biker Down is a course is aimed at motorcyclists of all ages and experience.  The free course offers people the chance to learn practical skills to help avoid being involved in a crash, as well as essential first-aid training and advice on what to do should they find themselves first on the scene of a crash where someone is injured.

Date of courses

The next courses are taking place on:

  • Sunday 6 August - 12noon-4pm (approx) 

  • Sunday 3 September - 12noon-4pm (approx) 

  • Sunday 1 October - 12noon-4pm (approx)  - fully booked

  • Sunday 5 November - 12noon-4pm (approx) 

The biker down courses all take place at Safety Central in Lymm unless stated.

Places are limited, so please book a place on the course by sending an email to

The team will never ask for your address. They will only ask for your name, contact number and email.

Biker Down - course content

This is a FREE four hour course covering the following topics:

  • Initial Scene Management and  Protection - advice from emergency service personnel on how to protect a scene and other road users who may have stopped to assist.

  • Casualty Care - a motorcycle specific input, looking at basic life saving skills such as CPR, airway management and helmet removal. (when and how).

  • Rider Skills - how to get the best out of riding your bike, the Science of Being Seen and the next steps to enhanced rider skills.

Biker Down is a FREE course aimed at motorcyclists of all ages and experience.

For more information about Biker Down

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Last updated: Wednesday, 26 July 2023