Petitions protocol

Information and guidance regarding the Authority’s Petitions Protocol.

Who can Petition Cheshire Fire Authority?

Anyone that has an interest in the area covered by Cheshire Fire Authority, i.e. lives or works in the boroughs of Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton or Warrington.

Members of Cheshire Fire Authority cannot petition. 

What can a Petition be about?

Normally it can cover anything that is relevant to what Cheshire Fire Authority is responsible for.  However, certain petitions may not be accepted and the following is a list of examples:

  • If it is concerned with issues that should be considered using the Complaints Procedure.

  • If it is about the behaviour of individual officers and/or Members which should be dealt with using disciplinary processes.

  • If it is about employee’s terms and conditions of employment.

  • If it contains defamatory statements, or discriminatory language.

  • If it makes accusations about someone breaking the law.

  • If its purpose is to support a political party.

Petitions concerned with issues over which Cheshire Fire Authority has no control will not normally be accepted.

What should be included with the Petition?

Cheshire Fire Authority has a form which should be completed.  It is in our legitimate interests to ask for the detail required and is designed to help officers and promoters of petitions deal with Petitions.  The form is required whether the Petition is hard copy or electronic. 

Petitions protocol form

Who should I send the Petition to?

If the Petition is hardcopy please post it to:

Democratic Services
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Clemonds Hey
Oakmere Road

If the Petition is electronic, please inform Democratic Services by e-mail at and explain how the Petition can be accessed once the period for signature of the Petition has expired

What happens to the Petition?

It will firstly be checked to ensure that it is a valid Petition.  If any issues need to be considered prior to deciding on the validity of a Petition, the Democratic Services team will contact the Promoter of the Petition.

If a Petition is not accepted the Democratic Services team will inform the Promoter of the Petition.

If a Petition is valid the Democratic Services team will verify the number of signatures.  This total may also be split to assist Members, for example between signatures from individuals that have a direct interest in the issue and those that appear not to.  Members will take into account the number of signatories when considering a Petition.

Valid Petitions are brought to the attention of Members normally at the next available Fire Authority meeting.  Promoters of Petitions are not required to attend the meeting, but are able to do so.  There will not normally be any discussion about a Petition at the Fire Authority meeting that it is presented to, unless it concerns an issue which is already the subject of a report to the Authority.  In such instances, the Promoter of the Petition may wish to attend the meeting to listen to be debate and/or ask questions (which must be submitted in advance).

Promoters of Petitions can expect a written response on behalf of Cheshire Fire Authority.

Data Protection

Individuals that sign petitions should realise that the details that they include in a petition will be open to public scrutiny.  They should not expect their name to be withheld as a Petition will be treated as a public document.  It will be open to public inspection and may be published. Where published, we will remove your address, telephone and email. 

We will keep a record of the petition for seven years.

Please see our website to find out more information about your Data Protection Rights or contact our Data Protection Officer. You also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner.

Last updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2023