Volunteers for role play

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Operational Assurance Training Team (OATT) provide realistic training exercises and training scenarios for trainee, on-call and whole-time firefighters, these exercises may also include other emergency services during major incident training. To provide a realistic environment the department invites volunteers to play active roles during the training, A full brief will be given to each volunteer before the exercise and a de-brief following the exercise. It is essential that you understand and comply with all instructions given to you.

Volunteers will only be asked to undertake roles they are comfortable with and may include one of the following.

1. Placed on the first platform of a ladder tower, acting having a broken leg - although you will play the live part, a simulated casualty will be used for removal from the tower.

2. Trapped in a simulated building fire or run from the entrance of a smoke filled house (using synthetic smoke) acting as a family member with relations still trapped inside.

3. On location as a bystander or walking wounded to a Road Traffic Collision, you may also be asked to act as a casualty trapped in a vehicle requiring rescue with a variety of injuries (make up may be used to simulate injuries)

4. Standing by a simulated casualty inside the smoke house (using synthetic smoke) so that the searching fire team can pick up your position using heat seeking detection equipment. The simulated casualty will be used for removal from the smoke house.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 9 January 2024