Cadets - Ghana School Project 2013

This blog will provide reports from the fire cadets who are visiting Ghana on 27th July 2013 for two weeks, as part of the Ghana School Project.

The Ghana school project 2013 involves a group of fire cadets visiting Ghana to refurbish and modernise a school block in the community of Abordahi near Ho in the Volta region of Ghana.

A group of 17 fire cadets and seven staff are taking part in the project, refurbishing and modernising the school block.

The school block comprises of 3 classrooms which are used as a kindergarten and new entrants classrooms.

Cheshire fire cadets will complete the building by replacing the floors, rendering all the walls, providing windows and doors and decorating the whole building.

After the block has been modernised the cadets will celebrate the re opening of the school with a ceremony of singing and dancing with the community.

The group then travel to various parts of Ghana to visit sights of natural beauty at the Kakum National forest, Willi Falls, on the border of Togo. The group will also visit the Cape coast to visit the castles that operated the slave trade for over 300 years.

About the school in Ghana

All new entrants to the school, irrespective of their age, start their school life in these classrooms. Pupils have to pay on a daily basis for school and if parents can not afford the fee the child may not start school until they are 7or 8 years old.

The community of Abordahi is a rural community comprising a number of villages with a subsistence farming economic base. The villages raise crops of cassava, peanut, onions, tomatoes which they sell in local markets.

Previous visits to Ghana by cadets

We are familiar with this community as our cadets built the junior school block there in 2007.

The school block selected for the 2013 project was started back in 2007, but due to a failure of external funding was never completed to a good standard. The block has basic breezeblock walls cement and earth floor.

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