Cadets' School reunion

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets who are out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Danielle Wheelhouse and Martin Fowler.

The wheels on the bus!

Today was a long day… a 6.30am wake up for a 7.30am breakfast which still had no bacon for poor Martin. We had minor problems with the bus but super Francis fixed it and we were on the road by 9:45am.

We headed to Akrofu which was the first school Cheshire Fire Cadets built back in 2005. We were not expected at the village however we still got a warm welcome from the villagers and children. We had fun and looked at the condition of the school with the work having been done nearly a decade ago.


Hokey cokey

Back on the bus for more fun travelling to our next destination of Gbatana. This was the last school the Cadets did and it was great to see the school and the welcome from the kids was warming and enthusiastic. This enthusiasm led to a giant game of the hokey cokey and a few lines of the conga around the school.

Singing for our supper

Again we had to travel, first to Accra for dinner then to Davies Villa Hotel at El Mina, with some interesting games of I spy and the lads treating us all to a lively sing-a-long. First impressions were good as the hotel owner was friendly and delightful. The rooms are also nice but not very spacious!

Tomorrow we plan to go to Elmina Castle and the Cape Coast, learning about the history of the slave trade. Martin's personal mission is to find some bacon!

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