Goodbye Ghana!

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets who are out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Tony Taylor.

Last day in Ghana

This morning, the cadets woke to their last day in Ghana. After breakfast it was time to check that we had all packed our bags, check and double check that we had packed everything for the last time and make our way onto our (very reliable) bus with Francis.

The morning consisted of a tour around some of the other markets and other parts of Accra. One market we went too consisted of hundreds of sellers, selling all kind of car parts from engines, exhausts, gear boxes to car bumpers, speakers and car seats, with the possibility to build your own car from scratch.

Visit to Accra Fire Station

We were then summoned to Accra Fire Station where we were shown to the Senior Officer Suite and all offered drinks. We then met up with William Mensa, who for the two weeks we have been over here has worked tirelessly to release our container of school furniture from the docks. We were told some good news that the container would be released soon and that there would be no extra charges added on, and would soon be in the village.

It was then time to descend yet again onto the infamous Accra craft market, and as before the moment we stepped off the bus we were set upon by dozens of hawkers and traders. At first many of the cadets felt anxious and nervous but with two weeks of experience in Ghana, many cadets had mastered the art of bartering (with some stubbornness on both parts) and relished the challenge.

After a hectic hour with many cadets coming away with all sorts of trinkets and presents for home, and many traders feeling like they had been cheated, we made our way to the brand new Accra Mall for our last meal in Ghana.

Once fed and watered, we got onto Francis’s bus for the last time and made our way to the Airport. With a heartfelt farewell to Francis and his amazing bus, it was a last minute re-organizing of the bags to fit in our wares from the craft market and time for the long and laborious task of checking in.

Home time

With all cadets tired and exhausted, we boarded the plane and said goodbye to this amazing country. Within half an hour nearly all cadets and leaders were fast asleep for the long flight home. As we arrived into Lisbon in the early hours, we were again delayed and sent on a long and boring tour of the airport whiles trying to find our gate.
Though it is with great regret that we leave Ghana, we can all reflect on the amazing two weeks that we have had here. There have been many ups and downs throughout our time here, from finishing the schools and handing them to the village, the games we have played with the villagers and the great sights we have seen, to the poverty we have seen throughout Ghana, the desperation that some are pushed to and that we all now appreciate what we have at home just a little more.

Thank you

We would like to thank all those who made it possible for us to come over here and achieve what we have done in our short time here.

From Cheshire Fire and Rescue and Ghana Fire and Rescue, to all the companies who have supported our fundraising with kind donations, to Ghana Outlook and Richard for all of their support, to Francis for driving us all around Ghana and to the parents and friends of all the cadets and staff, who supported  us through our 18 months of fundraising.
We would like to thank Vivian Achanna and her daughter, Jovith, for all of their help and support in the project. And last but not least to the late Joe Achanna, as without him, none of this would have ever come to pass.
We hope we did you all proud and thank you all.
Cheshire Fire Cadet Ghana Project 2013.

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