Monkey Business!

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets who are out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Cole Andrew and Theo Bielby.

Everybody off the bus - again!

As we jumped out of bed after a full week of early starts, we were struck with the unfortunate strain of our driver’s bus having a minor break down. We then had to find another means of getting around which led to all 21 of the team members having to fit into a “troto" which is a small mini bus that is definitely not designed for comfort!

Going bananas with the monkeys

After this eventful start we set off for the monkey sanctuary. When we got there we all went into the Ghanaian bush and started the hunt for the monkeys. As the tour guide lead us round making the strangest of monkey calls they eventually showed their pearly white faces with red tufts and came down to feed on the bananas which we held in our hands. Their Mona monkey hands were so soft and they peeled the bananas in our hands. 

The birds and the bugs!

After we had fed the monkeys we went on a long but stunning walk up to WLI falls. This walk included the guide talking about things from parasitical trees to biting ants and cheeping birds. However at the end of our 45 minute walk the sound and sight of the falls was breathtaking.  The spray off the 280 foot sheer cliff face, covered in roosting fruit bats which were even flying in the day light, hit like a sand blaster and washed all the paint from the school work left on our trainers and shorts in seconds. This lead to an amazing day personally and from the reactions  from the other cadets it has been the same feeling which I experienced.  

Tomorrow, bus allowing, we will head off to the Cape coast.

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