Painting the school

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets, who are currently out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Sam Kirk and Phoebe Harris.

Painting, plastering and building

After an even earlier start of 06:30 am (!!!) we headed down for breakfast, which mostly consisted of English tea and pancakes.

We then headed down to the village enjoying the unique Ghanaian roads combined with first class bus suspension. Once in the village, we started the work - plastering and painting the school.

Early on, our work mostly involved standing on tables precariously and great leader-cadet-teamwork of balancing on shoulders, whilst trying not to be totally covered in the orange paint. Most were unsuccessful in that goal.

After the final coat of paint had dried, the gable end design was mapped out with chalk.
A mural was also maped out on the opposite wall.

Whilst the girls were busy painting away, the guys tried to help cadet leader Keith Roberts with plastering and for the most part failed miserably. 

We also built some chairs and tables to furnish the classrooms with.  

Lunch and games and more painting !

After a quick bite to eat made by Vivian Achana, the cadets and leaders joined the children in games of catch, which quickly descended to near chaos.

We then continued with the painting, mainly focusing on the gable end designs.

After a few artistic disputes, the painting is almost finished. It looks stunning!

The last hour was spent in the glorious Ghanaian sunshine playing duck duck goose. It’s safe to say that the cadets were seriously shown up by the village children!

Food and dance

When we returned the hotel we had a quick dip in the pool before journeying off for an awesome meal at the sky hotel, which has a beautiful view of Ho at night.

Then instead of all sitting outside the hotel glued to phone screens (free WiFi !!) we had a quick practice of the Durbar Day dances (time warp included) as a group.

Now after a tiring day, we are all off to bed early to be up to do it all again tomorrow!

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Last updated: Wednesday 31 July 2013

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