R&R Ghanaian-style

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets who are out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Jamie Twist and Molly Coppenhall.


After a busy first week the cadets had a chance to relax in the morning before we set off for six more early starts. Richard Galiford MBE (Ghana Outlook), who has been with us this week, left today to fly home. The cadets and cadet leaders said goodbye and thanked him for all of the help and support he provided in the week before we arrived and during the school building project. 

All dressed up but nowhere to go?

At lunch time, Vivian Achana arrived at the hotel with all of our Ghanaian shirts and dresses. These are unique to each cadet and have been hand made for us here in Ho. 

Our planned trip to the festival was unfortunately cancelled due to our bus needing minor repairs to ensure that we can continue with our African adventure. We had a group discussion and decided that we would welcome some rest and relaxation which was appreciated by everyone.

Spreading the word in the USA

This evening we had our last trip to the Sky Hotel for our final meal here in Ho. We all wore our new Ghanaian clothes and had several team photos taken. Two visitors from America were very interested in what we were doing and had said that they would spread the news when they return to the US.

Travels around Ghana

We have now returned to the hotel, to prepare for a long day visiting Wli Falls on the Togo border, the Monkey Sanctuary and the site of our first School Building project in 2005, in Akrofu village on the road to HoHoe.

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Last updated: Monday 05 August 2013

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