Sky high and lunch with crocodiles!!

Here's the latest blog from Cheshire Fire Cadets who are out in Ghana, Africa. This blog has been written by Chris Volpicelli.

Bacon at last!

Today started like any other day so far, 8am wake up, 8:30 breakfast. But then as we entered the dining hall we were faced by something that some cadets had started to think was just a figment of their imaginations, BACON!!!! Martin was indeed a very happy cadet!

Sky high

After breakfast we boarded the bus and headed for Kakum National Park. Upon arrival we had to hike up a steep hill in the rainforest to reach what in my opinion was a brilliant collaboration of nature and engineering; The Kakum Canopy walk. It consisted of a series of seven rope bridges and wooden platforms suspended high in the treetops giving spectacular views out across the rainforest.

The whole party attempted the walk except seasoned Ghana veteran Sue Cleaver who insisted she would not be bullied into attempting it for a fourth time. The cadets had the option to attempt either the full seven walkways or to take a shortcut which consisted of just three walkways. All the cadets took the full seven bridge option including Holmes Chapels own Hanna Gibson who, with a little encouragement from cadet Danielle Wheelhouse and myself, overcame her fear of heights that in the past has stopped her from even ascending to the first floor of the drill tower.

Lunch with crocodiles!!

After leaving Kakum we were taken for lunch at a restaurant recommended by our fabulous bus driver Francis. At first it looked like just a nice little bar on an island in a lake, however as we crossed the gangways leading to it we started to see clues that there was more than meets the eye about this place. And then there, sat on the banks, we saw them, crocodiles!

Yes as it turned out the lake was home to a number of the prehistoric beasts that the restaurant used to attract customers (and I can’t help but think possibly deal with unruly ones). A few of the cadets even took the opportunity to get up close and stroke one of them, which luckily was obviously very used to this as we still have 15 cadets on the trip and they all still have the same amount of limbs they came with.

Off to the beach

After lunch we made a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up and grab our swim stuff before heading down to the beach. Whilst there the cadets fully embraced all the fun to be had and as swimming was not an option in the turbulent seas, a number of cadets sat as close to the water as they dared and waiting for the waves to crash over them with staff on lifeguarding duties.

One staff member who shall remain nameless (but let's just say her initials are SC) then made a spectacle of herself falling over not just once but twice in the surf!

Meanwhile, the lads ended up getting themselves into a football game with a group of locals which, despite Cadet Sam Kirk scoring a glorious 4 goals, led to an overwhelming victory for the home team. Our time at the beach was brought to a close with a game of beach rounder’s involving cadets, locals, staff and even our glorious leader Mr Kevin Kelly.

Tomorrow sees the cadets facing another early start with a 7am wake up aiming for a 9am departure back to Accra, where we hope to arrive back at the City Escape hotel for around lunch time.     

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