Bioethanol fire safety

If you use a Bioethanol fire or lantern in your home then we have some important safety advice for you.

Bioethanol is a fuel that is used for cars, but it’s also a popular means of making homes look cosy when used in Bioethanol burning fireplaces and lanterns. The fuel is sold in bottles and available from places like DIY shops. It is a flammable liquid and it should be used with great care.

These fireplaces don’t need a chimney and some models can be moved around, making them a fire risk should fuel get spilt. Although the Bioethanol is not explosive, it is highly flammable so there is a danger when filling the fuel box that liquid could be spilt on clothing or furniture and then ignite.

In light of this we would recommend the following safety advice:

  • Follow the manufactures advice when using the fuel.

  • Wait a minimum of 10 minutes before refuelling a lamp or fireplace.

  • Use a funnel to fill the burner .

  • Check that any spilled fuel is cleaned up before lighting the fireplace.

What to do if there’s a fire

If your bio-ethanol fire gets out of control and can’t be extinguished with the in-built mechanism in your fire, you must:

  1. Get out, closing doors behind you.

  2. Stay out.

  3. Call 999.

Do not use water to try and put out the flames as this will spread them further.

Stop, drop and roll

If your clothing catches fire, use the ‘Stop, drop and roll’ method to put out the flames.

Smoke alarms

Buying and fitting smoke alarms could help you to save your home and the lives of your family.

A smoke alarm (also known as a smoke detector) is a device that detects fire in its early stages and gives a loud audible warning.

To find out more about smoke alarms, please use the following link:

Smoke alarms


Last updated: Wednesday, 26 July 2023