How to prevent a wheelie bin fire

We urge residents and businesses to store all bins away to avoid them becoming a target for arsonists.

Don't let your bin become a target for arsonists

  • Store all wheelie bins away, especially at night, to avoid them becoming a target for arsonists.

  • Only place your wheelie bin out on collection day and return it to your property as soon as possible after collection.

  • Whenever possible, wheelie bins should be stored securely behind locked gates.

  • Do not overfill your wheelie bins or leave loose rubbish around them.

Wheelie bin safety advice

  • Don't place hot items in the bin, for example smoking materials, hot embers from coal/wood, hot ash, etc.

  • Don't store wheelie bins by windows or doors - any fire in the bin could easily spread to your property.

Last updated: Wednesday, 25 October 2023