FOI 1707 - Use of Drones

As of 19 Jan 22, please send me details relating to unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone) operations you conduct:

The number of qualified drone operators (both full and part time) you currently have working for the you in any capacity (for example 1 x contractor, 2 x part time, 3 x full time etc).

  • The number and type (by manufacturer and model) of drones currently in use (for example 3 x DJI M300 etc).

  • The number of drone crashes, losses or failures experienced in the last 12 months by the Force by drone type (for example 1 x DJI M300 etc).

 As of 19th January 2022 Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have three qualified drone pilots, however one pilot is currently on sick leave. Due to the limited number of qualified pilots the drone is not currently available to respond.

 We have one DJJ Matrice 210 drone, which is up to date with firmware.

 There have been no crashes, losses or failures of the drone in the last 12 months.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024