Our policies and procedures

For more about how each of our departments operates, please see:

Policies for the conduct of Authority business:

Fire Authority Manual - policy framework, delegated powers, governance and code of conduct)

Our corporate policies and procedures:

Employment of staff policies and procedures:

Customer service policies and procedures:

Data policies

Internal manuals

Throughout this website we try and explain how we work and refer to any guidelines that are applicable.

There is no charge for the information on our website. If required we will provide hard copies on request - please phone 01606 868704 or email freedom-of-information@cheshirefire.gov.uk

Charging regimes and policies

Under the Statutory Instrument 2004 No.2305 and the Fire and Rescue Services (England) Order 2004, we have the discretion to deliver a number of specific services in addition to our emergency response and safety work. We are permitted to charge for these additional services.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service currently provides and charges for the following additional services:

Copy of an Incident Report - £10

Interview with FS personnel (with FS witness) - £104.00

These are exempt from VAT

For more details or to request these services please contact the Emergency Response Department on 01606 868 777

We do not charge for information which is provided on our website and if required we will provide hard copies on request.

Last updated: Friday, 9 February 2024