Environment and climate change issues are of increasing concern in today's society and addressing these issues is of growing importance to the Public Sector.

Cheshire Fire Authority takes its public leadership responsibility seriously and, as such, the Service has introduced an Environmental Strategy and Policy which sets out how this responsibility will be actioned.

Environmental strategy

Our Environmental Strategy sets out the main principles, proposals and required actions and also covers roles and responsibilities, performance management, links to other strategies, the legal framework and an Environmental Action Plan.

Environment and Climate Change Strategy 2020-2025 (new window)

ESESG Sustainability charter

The Emergency Services Environment and Sustainability Group (ESESG) includes members from UK Police Forces, Fire & Rescue Services, Ambulance Services and other Emergency Services who meet to share best practice and discuss emerging technologies, government policy and legislative requirements.

The ESESG Sustainability Charter has been developed for members to pledge their support to work towards a set of common goals and aspirations, embed sustainability within their own organisations, and achieve national and international sustainability objectives. It will also enable members to identify positive effects on sustainability within their communities and manage any negative effects and risks.

Environment Policy Statement

Annual Carbon Report (new window)

Ethical Procurement Strategy 2022 (new window)

Social value policy (new window)

Integrated Risk Management Plans

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 June 2024