FOI 1798 - Flooding and Water Rescue

Please find attached questions regarding the response to flooding and water rescue.

1. Do you have a water rescue capability?

Yes we have 2 PBR stations (Warrington E01B2 & Powey Lane E07B2 and 7 SWR trained stations.

2. Are your water rescue trained staff and resources shared with other Fire Authorities?

Only through 13 & 16 arrangements (over the border FRS agreements) Plus DEFRA asset.

3. Do you have documented water rescue policy (please provide copy)

4. How much capital funding has been allocated to the water rescue capability over the last five years?

5. How much revenue expenditure has been allocated to the water rescue capability over the last five years?

Approx 30k per year for refresher courses for SWR and PBR.

6. Do you train all staff in water rescue awareness?

Yes all wholetime and on call staff- mod 1.

7. Do you deliver enhanced training and qualifications in water rescue? If so, please advise as to what these qualifications and standards are.

SWR course aligned to mod 3 (Swift water rescue)

PBR station trained to mod 4 (Power boat for rescue)

8. Do you maintain a water rescue vessel? If so, what operator training and or qualifications are provided?

As above

9. Please supply statistics of the operational use of the water rescue unit over the period 2017 – 2022 follows, number of mobilisations, time in use, incident type.

FOI 1798 - Data

10. Have you made formal representation to Government asking that the Fire and Rescue Services in England should have a statutory duty to respond to flooding and be funded for it.?

Senior Managers in post prior to my appointment may have, I am unsure sorry.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024