FOI 1829 - Sexual Misconduct

How many firefighters and fire service staff have been reported to or investigated by the police for alleged sexual offences (including all categories, eg rape, indecent assault etc)?    Total = 2

Of those reported and investigated, please tell us: 

-    How many were convicted?  - Exempt by virtue of Section 40 (2) of the act (as amended by     Schedule 19 of the Data Protection Act 2018).  This is absolute exemption therefore neither the public interest test nor evidence of harm in disclosure needs to be outlined.

-    How many are still being investigated?   as above

-    How many were cleared?                                 as above

-    How many cases resulted in no further action by the police?   as above

 Of those convicted, please tell us: 

    -      How many remain in the fire service?   N/A

     -     How many have left (please say whether they were dismissed, retired or resigned)?  N/A

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024