FOI 1833 - Guidance on secondary Employment

How many full-time/wholetime firefighters does your service employ as of 1st February 2023?

420 full time wholetime employees, 2 of these are on secondment out of the area. Plus one part-time wholetime employee.

Of these, how many are registered as having secondary employment?

142 employees (NB 10 employees have more than one secondary job)

Please provide a breakdown of how many are employed by category eg 12 taxi drivers, 73 plumbers etc

Admin& Business 5,  Hospitality=2,  Police special=1, Carpentry= 1, House Removals= 3

Security= 2, Decorator= 2, Land, Environment= 7, Tiler= 1, Medical 9, Driving= 4, Education= 1

Military= 4,  Electrical= 4, Modelling= 2, Plasterer= 1, Plumber= 3, Fostering 1, Entertainment= 1

Emergency on call= 98,        Total=152

Please supply any rules or guidance your service uses for secondary employment covering maximum hours or ineligible jobs. 

Cheshire Fire & Rescue have a Secondary/Other Employment Policy,  in undertaking secondary employment and other employment employees are required to ensure the following:  

  • they take rest breaks during the working week, adhering to the Working Time Regulations 1998

  • at least 11 consecutive hours in every 24 hour period of work (there are exceptions to this)

  • a period of 24 consecutive hours uninterrupted rest in each 7 days (this may not include the 11 hour period mentioned earlier)

  • one 48 hour break or two 24 hour breaks within a 14 day period

  • a break of at least 20 minutes where an individual works more than 6 hours and a minimum period of annual leave

The service will not give permission for staff to be involved with fire related business e.g. Fire Extinguisher firms or any other activity where it may be construed the approval of the Fire Authority is being given to another party or employer.  The Service will not give permission for staff to be employed or engaged by another organisation (other than another Fire & Rescue Service) to undertake fire risk assessments in premises to satisfy the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Staff who are employed by another Fire & Rescue Service to undertake such activity should only do so if suitably trained/qualified by that employer

The service will not give permission to any secondary/other employment which poses a conflict of interest; where the role may be deemed dangerous/hazardous or present a risk of serious injury or illness; where the role may be in breach of driving regulations, or if the role involves protection or collection services i.e. bailiff.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024