FOI 1841 - Motorcyclist PPE

MCIA is currently engaging with organisations who have/may have emergency response motorcyclists in order to obtain the policy and advice given regarding the appropriate, or minimum, standards of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used whilst performing their duties, as well as other risk mitigation/risk controls for that type of role (purely to obtain the risk analysis and PPE requirements for all emergency response motorcyclists in the UK (Police have already been approached and are supplying this information) and not a critical review of any particular sector/organisations approach, methodology or policy).

 To that end, we would like to request information on:

1.   Any/all risk assessment which have been created to support emergency response motorcyclist roles (as per HSE requirements)

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service have a specific Risk Assessment for the fire bike rider volunteers, this RA is reviewed on a 12 monthly basis. Areas covered within the riding of the motorcycle are:-

 - All riders to wear appropriate PPE (Service provided to class AA with level 1 armouring). Plus, helmet, hi viz over jacket, gloves, and boots.

- Minimum standard of qualification of all Service riders to be IAM Advanced or RoSPA Bronze and be within the organisations permitted period of re-testing.

- All riders of Service Motorcycles must be regular riders of motorcycles on the public road.

- A full POWDER check of the vehicle to be completed before each daily use.

- Riders  must be familiar with the controls of each  motorcycle they are using.

- The Service motorcycle  is for engagement purposes only and  must not be ridden as a response vehicle. Blue lights should only by used during static display.  No exemptions to traffic   

   laws apply.

- All personal items and equipment not being worn and likely to cause injury to be stowed in pannier or top box whilst moving.

- Riders should consider, if the use of the Service motorcycle  in the event of inclement weather is safe.  On day Check full day weather forecast.

- Ensure even distribution of weight between both pannier boxes

- Service motorcycle duties, all events attended must be pre-arranged and approved.

- The rider will call the road safety reduction manager prior to taking the Service Motorcycle to any pre-arranged engagement / event, confirming they are leaving, where they are going to   

   and approx. time of travel to that location. Once in attendance they will ring the RS reduction manager to confirm safe arrival. This process will be completed in reverse on the return


2.  Documentation covering the required CE standards for motorcyclist riding clothing (garments, policy, procurement, etc).

- All CFRS riders wear class AA motorcycling clothing PPE conforms to EN17092

- Volunteer contract are written up and signed off by volunteers, this covers the level of PPE the service will provide.

- Risk assessment written for riding the fire bike

- Rational document for decision making ref level of motorcycle clothing

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024