FOI 1858 - Floor Plans

Could I please be provided me with the floor plans for Chester, Ellesmere Port  and Nantwich fire Stations and what vehicle is Based there

CFRS can confirm that it holds the requested information but intends to withhold its release by virtue of Section 24(1) of the Freedom of Information Act which is concerned with National Security.

In the past CFRS has provided information about its fire stations but it has reassessed the situation due to the heightened security risk that applies nationally and due to a spate of thefts from fire stations.

The national security exemption is concerned with the effect that the release of the information would have and not about the information itself. CFRS considers that floor plans of its buildings could be used to inform criminal activity or a terrorist attack and, as fire and rescue services are part of the county’s Critical National Infrastructure, it has a duty to protect its assets and provide appropriate security to ensure resilience and to successfully deploy resources. When applying this exemption CFRS must consider whether the public interest favours disclosing or withholding the information. 

CFRS acknowledges that this information is of interest to the general public; however, there is a strong reason favouring non-disclosure, i.e. the need to ensure that national security is not compromised. Disclosing details of the layout of its buildings would potentially compromise national security by putting valuable assets at risk of theft or damage.

 You will appreciate that CFRS must ensure that availability of its assets is not compromised if it is to fulfil its statutory responsibilities. Therefore, CFRS has concluded that, on balance, there is a stronger public interest in withholding this information, than there is in releasing it.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024