FOI 1880 - Covid 19 Pandemic

Please could you provide me with information with regard to how your organization addressed above, dealt with certain matters during the Covid 19-Pandemic.

 In relation to personnel*, traveling within NON-operation vehicles**:

1. Were personnel prohibited from traveling together in a vehicle at any period during the Covid pandemic?       - Yes

2. If so, during what date period had this prohibition taken effect?

– In line with Government and NFCC guidance and local risk assessment

3. Were personnel permitted to travel together in a vehicle at any period during the Covid pandemic?

- Yes

4. If so, were personnel required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while traveling together in a vehicle? - Yes

5. If answer to Q4 is YES, during which date period had the PPE been required?

- In line with Government and / or NFCC guidance

6. What level of PPE*** was specified for occupants traveling together in a vehicle?      - FFP3

7. Was the requirement to wear PPE, mandatory or advisory?     - mandatory


In relation to personnel*, traveling within OPERATIONAL vehicles****:

8. Were employees permitted to travel together in operational-vehicles****, (in particular Fire Engines) at any period during the Covid pandemic?     - Yes

9. If so, were personnel required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while traveling together in a vehicle during any period within the Covid pandemic?      – Yes

10. If answer to Q9 is YES - what level of PPE*** was specified for occupants within a vehicle?     - FFP3

11. Was the requirement to wear PPE mandatory or advisory?      - mandatory

12. In relation to Q9 above - during what date period had the PPE requirements been in place?               - In line with Government and/ or NFCC guidance.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024