FOI 1918 - Hoarding

My request relates to the number of incidents in which ‘hoarding’ played a part.

 For avoidance of doubt, we are defining hoarding as the accumulation of possessions in one’s home, often to an extreme and impractical degree.


  1. In the last 5 years, how many incidents have your Fire and Rescue Service been called out to attend, where hoarding was identified?

 Please break down the data as follows:

1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019

1st July 2019 – 30th June 2020

1st July 2020 – 30th June 2021

1st July 2021 – 30th June 2022

1st July 2022 – 30th June 2023

  •  For each year, how many of those incidents led to injury, and how many to deaths? Please state whether the injured/deceased where civilians or firefighters in each instance.

  •  For each year, in how many of those incidents was access to the fire or emergency obstructed due to hoarding at the property?

  •  Can you also please provide information regarding the number of incidents you have attended for each level of the Clutter Image Ratings? 

Currently the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Incident Recording System (IRS) has insufficient facilities for the comprehensive recording, and subsequent analysis, of the involvement of hoarding at incidents attended. Therefore, due to the specific information asked for, we cannot provide the data requested.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024