Business sprinkler advice

We are very proactive in promoting fire sprinkler systems in commercial environments. It is a key objective of ours to 'Protect Life, Property and other Interests' and we recognise that promoting sprinkler systems is an important part of helping us achieve this aim locally.

We are also a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Network and actively involved in raising the profile of sprinklers at a national level.

For over a century, sprinkler installations have been successfully safeguarding commercial buildings. They can best be regarded as combined fire detection and extinguishing systems. They provide continuous protection throughout the day and night, irrespective of whether or not the premises are occupied.

Around 80% of businesses who suffer a fire never recover. In some larger buildings sprinklers are a requirement. However, smaller businesses are the ones who suffer. If sprinklers were installed this would significantly reduce fire damage and the need for many businesses to cease trade or relocate.

Fires in industrial and commercial premises can have a serious impact on both national and local economy. There is a risk of significant job losses with subsequent social and economic impact on the community as well as environmental damage. Here you will find more information on Sprinkler Facts and benefits.

Fire sprinklers can help in the continued operation of your business as they:

  • Protect those people who are in the room of origin of the fire (whereas conventional fire protection tends to focus on enabling persons elsewhere in the building to escape).

  • Deal with fires when they are small and more easily controllable.

  • Limit the production of smoke and fumes.

  • Drastically reduces the damage caused by a fire and therefore minimises the disruption and time taken to achieve business continuity and may negate the need for re-housing.

  • Cost the equivalent of installing a central heating system.

  • Cost very little to maintain.

  • Save lives.

If you are unsure if a sprinkler system is suitable for your commercial premises contact one of our Fire Prevention officers. Sprinklers can be retrofitted into your building, they are not just an option for new builds. Click here to see the types of sprinklers.

During the planning stage of new build. If you were to fit sprinklers they would cost around 1% of the build cost. Sprinklers would also provide you with more flexibility around design. This can include longer travel distances and higher ceilings.

Last updated: Friday, 1 March 2024