Residential sprinkler advice

Sprinklers are the equivalent to having a firefighter ready and waiting in every room of your home/business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The vast majority of fires and resulting deaths and injuries take place in the home. Even a small fire can cause a massive amount of damage to property. Every day two people die and 50 are injured in fires in the UK. Your chance of experiencing a serious fire in your lifetime is around one in five.

While smoke alarms can warn of a fire they do nothing to actually control the fire itself. This is where residential sprinkler systems can make all the difference - by helping to control the fire or even extinguish it completely.

Fire sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are by far the most efficient and effective safety devices available. Noone has ever died in a fire in a home fitted with residential sprinklers.

The sprinklers themselves are small, neat and blend in with the decor. The heads are connected through a system of pipes to the water mains or an alternative secure source of water. Most rooms require only two sprinkler heads to afford complete protection.

Residential fire sprinklers are not expensive. They cost around £1/sq ft in new home or about £1500 for a three bedroom house - typically the cost of the carpets. 

Sprinklers help to control the fire or even extinguish it completely.

Residential sprinkler systems

A residential sprinkler system is designed to use just enough water to control the fire. Typically one sprinkler head discharges 38-40 litres of water a minute compared to a firefighter's hose at 1000+ litres a minute. This minimises water damage and a room protected by sprinklers can often be back in use within a couple of hours.

Last updated: Friday, 1 March 2024