Room hire and sleepovers

We are finding that premises such as village halls, schools and museums are increasingly being used to hold sleepovers despite not being designed for such events. 

During sleepovers people are more at risk from fire, due to being less aware of their surroundings. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure suitable fire safety measures are in place to alert those sleeping, allowing them to escape safely.

It may be the case that the building in which the sleepover is proposed cannot practically be made safe enough and therefore the sleepover should not take place. 

If you are organising the sleepover and will be in control of the premises you will be the responsible person and must comply with the Fire Safety Order.  The responsible person must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment to identify the fire hazards and risks within the premises and take appropriate steps to reduce these.

Calculating occupancy figures document

Notification of sleepover form

Temporary sleepover guidance document

The premises management are classed as being the Responsible People and must comply with the Fire Safety Order and undertake a Fire Risk Assessment. However, they can appoint Competent People to undertake the assessment and any preventative or protective measures that may be required. The Competent Person must communicate clearly with the Responsible Person and ensure that the necessary fire protection equipment is available and maintained.

Premises Management - as a Responsible Person you must ensure that those hiring the premises are aware of the fire safety regulations and appoint a Competent Person to take responsibility every time the room is hired out. There must be clear guidelines and responsibilities for those hiring the room.

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 July 2023