Road safety volunteers and fire bike riders

You will be part of a team delivering consistent road safety messages to members of the Cheshire community.

Motorway Engagement Days

Availability of this service is: August

These events are carried out on motorway service areas across Cheshire. To help get the message across, the use of videos and photos are shown, backed up with information which relate to motorway collisions.

Safety Campaigns

Availability of this service is: throughout the year

Throughout the year there are a number of Road Safety campaigns. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) work with and support these partner agency initiatives by delivering messages covering Distraction, Speeding, Seatbelts, Drug/Drink Driving, Vehicle Condition and Pedestrians’ Safety

Drink, Drive Campaigns

Availability of this service is: June and December

CFRS supports the government’s “THINK” road safety campaign by speaking to people about the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving. These events are taken to workplaces, colleges, shopping centres and town centres to show people the consequences of drinking even a small amount of alcohol and driving.

Fire Bike Rider

The fire bike team consists of 8 experienced and trained motorcycle riders.

Their role is to engage with motorcycle and scooter riders throughout Cheshire. The riders deliver road safety messages, specifically for these vehicles, discuss the importance of correct clothing and promote enhanced rider courses.

Biker down

Biker Down is a rider skills – rider response course that is for bikers delivered by bikers. The course consists of four parts and is delivered by the fire bike riders in partnership with Merseyside RoADAR (RoSPA)


  • Slow riding and braking techniques - RoSPA

  • Scene approach and safety

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Last updated: Tuesday, 9 January 2024