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Firefighters and fire engine

Have your say on our draft plan for 2018/19

The consultation on the draft Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for 2018/19 is now underway and will last until Tuesday 2nd January 2018. During this time the Service will consult with the public, key partners and stakeholders and members of staff. The draft Plan follows on from the Service’s second Emergency Response Review, which was init

Fire vehicle in the snow

Winter driving safety tips

Of all the seasons, winter requires the most care and preparation if you're to stay safe. In winter it is even more important to check your vehicle is well maintained and serviced. Please be prepared in case the bad weather strikes in your area of Cheshire.

Santa and a fire engine

Stay safe this Christmas

Many of the things we enjoy over the Christmas period, such as the fairy lights, candles, paper hats and decorations, can all be fire hazards when proper care is not taken.

Santa offering road safety tips to a motorist in a car

Stay safe on the roads at Christmas

The annual Christmas Drink Drive crackdown in Cheshire has been launched with a warning to motorists for the festive period. Our key message to drivers is : If you are driving don't drink!

Organised bonfire

Bonfire night - list of bonfires in Cheshire

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to urge residents to visit one of the organised bonfire or firework events that are taking place across Cheshire.


Hallowe'en - important fire safety tips

With 31st October just around the corner, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind you about some important fire safety messages.

Photo of the group of cadets who have gone to Nepal to help build a school in Oct 2017

Fire Cadets - Nepal School Project 2017

The next group of Cheshire Fire Cadets and leaders have been chosen to be the Nepal Team for 2017 and fundraising for the trip is now underway.

STAR awards winners

STAR Awards 2017

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service ninth STAR (Success, Talent, Achievement and Recognition) award ceremony was held at Mere Golf & Country Club on October 17, sponsored by construction company ISG.

Burnawareness day 2017

National Burn Awareness Day

Always remember - if your clothing catches fire “Stop, drop and roll”. Good first aid following a burn or scald can make an enormous difference in recovery times and the severity of scarring. Two important things to remember are STOP, DROP, ROLL and then COOL, CALL, COVER.

Check your tyres every month

Test your tyre safety knowledge

Test your tyre safety knowledge by taking part in the TyreSafe Test - a fun way to test your knowledge about tyre safety and potentially life-saving information you need to be familiar with.

Firefighters dealing with a fire

Annual Report

Cheshire Fire Authority has published its 2017 Annual Report. The Annual Report sets out how the Service has performed over the last 12 months, looks at some notable achievements and it also takes a look at what the future might hold for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Pan fire

Fire safety for students living away at Uni

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to encourage all students to take five minutes to help stay safe from fire at home. Our online home safety check takes less than five minutes to complete, and gives you the top tips to keep your home safe.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service football team

Football success

A team of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service employees came second in a national 6-a-side football tournament against other services.

An umbrella being blown away by strong winds

Driving during high winds

High winds have been forecast in a severe weather warning for Cheshire - please take extra care on the roads and read our safety advice.

Car on a road in wind and rain

Tips for driving safely in heavy rain

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has some useful advice which could help prevent collisions on the road during heavy rainfall and flooding. Driving in wet conditions can be hazardous, but you have a better chance of staying safe if you prepare for wet weather.

Gas safety week

Gas Safety Week is a national safety campaign to raise awareness of gas safety.

Plug on fire

Electrical fire safety advice

Electrical appliances have become a staple of modern life - from fridges and phones to toasters or the TV, it's hard to think of how we would get by without a few electrically-powered essentials.

Congleton firefighter tackles chimney fire from roof

Chimney fire safety

Most chimney fires are preventable. Regular inspection and cleaning of chimney flues will help prevent fires within chimneys.

Ellesmere Port fire station open day

Fire station open days 2017

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will be holding fire station open days in 2017. Please bring your family and friends along to these free events.

Car on a country road in Cheshire

Summer road safety tips

Long sunny days can be the perfect opportunity to get out and about in your car. To stay safe on the roads remember : slow, sober, secure, silent and sharp.