How to protect your property after a fire

If you have had a fire at your property, and your property is in an insecure condition:

  • Close all doors and windows as these are an open invitation to thieves.

  • Board up windows or doors - if needed.  Should windows or doors require boarding up, a contractor can be found online to fulfil this service. As insurance policies differ widely it is impossible to state definitely whether this will be covered by your policy. If you are a council tenant and require a "boarding-up service" please contact your local Housing Department or direct works department who will carry out the services free of charge.

  • Contact your local Police. Ensure that they know your property is empty and insecure and remove cash and valuables.

  • We may use large sheets to protect your property. This is a temporary measure only and you should arrange to have them replaced within a reasonable length of time.

After a fire - more information

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Last updated: Thursday, 22 June 2023