After a fire - power supplies

On this page you will find information on what to do if any of your electricity, gas and water supplies have been affected by a fire.


If your internal supply has been affected, your energy supplier will have to re-connect the supply after a qualified electrician has repaired it (even if only a temporary circuit) and notified your supplier of completion.

Do not attempt to re-connect or turn on the supply yourself.


If any of your gas appliances have been affected by fire, the fire and rescue service or British Gas will turn off or disconnect your supply. It is important that either British Gas or an approved installer inspects and rectifies any problems in the system before any attempt is made to re-connect or turn on the supply.


A plumber will be required if your water supply has been affected.

Do not attempt to turn on your water until your system has been attended by the plumber.

Temporary lighting or heating units are potentially dangerous, especially if they have been unused or stored for some time. Do not forget to have these units checked by the manufacturer or qualified dealer before use.

If you are unsure of the precautions to take when positioning or filling these appliances, contact the Fire Prevention Officer at your local fire station. Don't forget, when using these appliances, to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

After a fire - more information

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Last updated: Thursday, 22 June 2023