FOI 1711 - Hotel & Boarding House Fire Safety

1.  How many hotels/boarding houses are registered in your county?

According to our records we have 152 hotels/motels and 90 Boarding/guest houses/B and B’s.

2.  In any given year how many of these premises receive an onsite fire safety inspection?

We don’t inspect a specific number, we inspect based on our Risk Based Inspection Programme which gives us a number of audits across the service per year. These will include hotels and guest houses.

 3.  In any given year how many of these premises receive a virtual fire safety inspection?

We wouldn’t usually complete virtual fire safety audits. We completed some during the height of Covid-19 but this is not our normal way of operating

4.  What is the average time period between inspections for these premises?

This depends upon the risk presented at the previous audit, other contributory factors such as location and distance from a fire station. A usual amount of time would be between 2 and 5 years for re-inspection.

5.    What is the average salary of a Fire Safety Inspector in your service?

Our fire safety staff start on scale 6. When they have completed their level 4 diploma in fire safety they then move onto SO1 pay scale. We have a few lead technical fire safety inspectors that are at an SO2 payscale. The payscales are shown below in both annual pay and equivalent hourly rates of pay.

 FOI 1711- data

6.  How many whole and part time (whole time equivalents) Fire Inspectors do you currently employ?

We currently have 23.5 Fire Safety Inspectors.

7.  What are your minimum qualifications /training requirements for a Fire Safety Inspector?

Minimum qualifications follow that of the Competency Framework for Fire Safety Regulators. This is level 3 certificate and level 4 diploma.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024