FOI 1777 - Contracts

Further to the original Enterprise Application request, the contract below has expired. Please provide the current status.

Finance Unit4

The information I'm requesting is regarding the software contracts that the organisation uses, for the following fields.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution (ERP):

Primary Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM):

For example, Salesforce, Lagan CRM, Microsoft Dynamics; software of this nature.

Primary Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software Solution:

For example, iTrent, ResourceLink, HealthRoster; software of this nature.

The organisation’s primary corporate Finance Software Solution:

For example, Agresso, Integra, Sapphire Systems; software of this nature.

1. Name of Supplier: Can you please provide me with the software provider for each contract?

2. The brand of the software: Can you please provide me with the actual name of the software. Please do not provide me with the supplier name again please provide me with the actual software name.

3. Description of the contract: Can you please provide me with detailed information about this contract and please state if upgrade, maintenance and support is included.

Please also list the software modules included in these contracts.

4. Number of Users/Licenses: What is the total number of user/licenses for this contract?

5. Annual Spend: What is the annual average spend for each contract?

6. Contract Duration: What is the duration of the contract please include any available extensions within the contract.

7. Contract Start Date: What is the start date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.

8. Contract Expiry: What is the expiry date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.

9. Contract Review Date: What is the review date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. If this cannot be provide please provide me estimates of when the contract is likely to be reviewed. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.

10. Contact Details: I require the full contact details of the person within the organisation responsible for this particular software contract (name, job title, email, contact number).

Regarding the expired contract for Agresso/Unit 4 support & maintenance with Unit 4, we are in the process of extending this contract but are in negotiations regarding Terms and Conditions which is taking longer than anticipated.  Details will be published once finalised.  All other information should be available as follows;

All recorded information in relation to current Cheshire Fire contracts can be found by following the link below;

Invoices paid over £500 are published on Fire’s website each month

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024