FOI 1837 - ITC & Procurement Documents

1. 2023/24 IT Department Documents ;-  these types of documents have detailed information on the department's future plans and strategies. These documents could include:   ICT Strategy/Plan, ICT Department Plan, ICT Financial Plan

 Not recorded.  There are strategic documents in place for Cheshire Police, but these aren’t relevant for Cheshire Fire.

2. ICT Org Chart ;- with names and job titles

 Happy to provide an organisational chart for the joint structure.  After careful consideration I am able to confirm that the names of staff In ICT Services Department but those below Senior level are exempt by virtue of Section 40 (2) of the act (as amended by Schedule 19 of the Data Protection Act 2018).

The information you have requested may directly or indirectly identify an individual and is therefore the personal data of a third party (as defined by the GDPR (a4.1) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (s3.2)). Staff working at this level would not expect their personal data to be released to the world at large and releasing this personal data would be likely to contravene the first data protection principle (as defined by the GDPR (a5) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (s35)). This is an absolute exemption therefore neither the public interest test nor evidence of harm in disclosure needs to be outlined.

FOI 1837 IT data

 3. Corporate Procurement Strategy that covers 2023/24 and more.

 For all the documents I have requested, please provide me with the 2023/24  documents, I only want to only receive documents that are live and valid. If the document is a strategic plan (e.g. 2020-2025) that covers a set number of years, please provide me with the 2023 version.

 This has been attached for you.

FOI 1837 Procurement data

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024