FOI 1872 - Enterprise Software Contracts

As per my records, The Access Group payroll  contract has expired. I would like to know whether this contract is still valid or replaced by any other supplier.

 If all the information besides the contract dates are the same, I am happy to just receive an update on the contract dates

There is a new contract in place for this, CPA/SPU/2060F  which can be found by following the instructions below:

This information is publicly available.

This used to be on (do not click this as site no longer there) but that public contract database view has been replaced by a new system from In-Tend.  

The current link to the public contract register can be found at:  In-Tend Electronic Tendering Site - Home (

  1. Select Contracts from the menu and then Contracts Register

  2. Then use the filter and select Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

  3. You can use the search criteria to search for the Contract by Title/Supplier or Date Range

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024